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Who's Playing

Server Rules

  • No griefing or stealing.
  • No PvP unless both players are in agreeance.
  • If you plan to use TNT or flint & steel, please be extremely careful.
  • Do not use TNT in excess. (ie. Don't make the terrain look awful.)
  • Discriminatory or hateful language will not be tolerated.
  • Ask before building near other players.
  • If you know of a way to exploit the game, don't do it.
  • No random 1x1 towers into the sky or floating blocks.

BeanyServ Minecraft Server

BeanyServ is a 20-player, white-list, survival-based, no PvP, vanilla Minecraft server. Our server is running Minecraft 1.7 with several minor plugins. If you're interested in joining our community (being whitelisted), please use the contact form.

Why BeanyServ?

  • We're a friendly and fun community.
  • Our server is always on, (almost) ZERO downtime.
  • No power hungry admins.
  • Our players are 18+.

BeanyServ Lives!


BeanyServ has relaunched. We are running Minecraft 1.7 with Bukkit. The server address has changed so if you would like to play, please use the contact form to let me know.

BeanyServ is relaunching soon


We are waiting for 1.7 to be released and we will be re-launching BeanyServ. The server will only be running Buildcraft, Forestry, and Twilight Forest. Industrial Craft doesn't seem to be getting updated with Minecraft releases so we will no longer be running that mod.